My work is be a co-inspirator in the gentle unraveling of the Personal & Collective

I believe as a therapist I am a gentle & honest friend who walks with you to the edge of your inner world where you come Alive in Wholeness. I am committed towards providing a relational environment where you can unfold your own distinctiveness & inner wisdom.

As a facilitator and Flow Host I am in service to the guidance from the spirit to nurture the Human nature towards a collective shift by building a New Intelligence of Fine Tuned Sensing of the Collective through our body field ,an intelligence that we all are born with.

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Family Constellation Therapy

A powerful therapeutic approach to resolve issues in a relational & systemic perspective including the individual, their relationships and the system dynamics.

Areas of Application

Family : Problems with children, abortions, adoption, conception, sibling rivalry, divorce, parents-in-law are addressed relationaly.

Couples: Even when there is love, often the couple struggles. These issues originate in their family of origin and need a whole system view.

Health & Diseases: Love & Disorder are passed on through the bodies of family members over generations. They play a crucial part in creating diseases, physical, emotional and mental well-being of members.

Success in Life & Work: Early life events, situations that limit us create a profound impact in being successful in our later life, relationships, and profession.

Money & Abundance: De-tangle patterns that lead to lack of money and prosperity & transform them to receiving the joy of wealth.

Conflict Resolution: Reveal the underlying hidden agendas & move towards learning, growth & harmony

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We are relational beings attuning to wholeness. 

I am under training in Gestalt Relational Therapy  which is a holistic philosophical and existential relating with the human nature. It emphasis experience, authentic living and relationships.

It is an emotionally focused therapy to build awareness, increase response-ability ~ our ability to respond spontaneously and appropriately to our inner and outer environment, and foster maturation.

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Systemic Constellations – Fostering a New Human Intelligence for Collective Evolution

Systemic Constellations : For Change makers, Organisations & Artivists is designed to foster a new Human Intelligence of Fine Tuned sensing into the I and We Space .

Purpose of Systemic Constellations

  • To create a subtle sensing intelligence in humans
  • Ability to uncover the hidden dynamics at play in the system /organisation
  • Help collectives, organisations, change makers to navigate, transition through complexity. 
  • Allow groups to co-evolve through sensing into the immediate future and manifesting it in present
  • Developing a collective potential for rapid alignment with external changes.
  • Practice shorter, non tiring meetups and discussions and strategy decisions.
  • It is a practice and process that works with sensing and fine tuning with the body of the I, We, and The Morphogenetic Field

Pre-requisite: Ability to somatically connect with self, good level of self awareness, commitment to authenticity and ability to respond to one’s personal and environmental needs. A certain level of emotional maturation in the person.

The program consists of experiential learning, applications & practice and personal session with me for additional support.

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Flowgame – Find Inner Clarity & Wisdom

A deceptively simple  & fun process to bring Flow!

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes

– Albert Einstein

Who can Play?

  • Groups & Teams looking for clarity and discussion to reflect and make important decisions.
  • Couples wanting to deepen their relationship, work through complex situations.
  • Entrepreneurs discovering their vision & next good action/s individually or as a group.
  • Visionaries wanting to deepen their work through collective reflection as a Team.
  • Individual seeking a inner quest towards a vision, meaningful action, and inner focused leadership.

Flowgame is context sensitive and is uniquely adapted to serve each person or group needs. In that sense each game is different.

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